this is also my home ....very convenient

I've had this place since 1977. Due to my interest in remodeling, this house has undergone an amazing transformation. The last time I added on to this humble bungalo, how was I to know I was putting together what would become an excellent pottery studio? Do you believe in fate?

Truely a house made of glass.

As soon as the sun rises, the work space is flooded with natural light. Shortly thereafter the sounds of public radio station WNCW replaces the silence with a wonderful mix of music to help set the creative mood.




A clay deposit down by the creek and a pair of hands is really all you need to get started in pottery. If you wanted to get fancy, you could then dig a shallow pit, fill it with your pots and light a hot fire on top. After the embers died down, you might be delighted at the results. Maybe not.


It's not enough to be able to work clay. A modern day studio potter finds himself with a multitude of hats to wear. You need to be a carpenter, plumber, electrician, and designer to put together a working studio. I started tinkering early in life. It was my uncle Sidney that showed me that it is all together possible to come up with a solution for most anything I need. So making tools to use in the studio was right up my tree. My potters wheel, slab roller, kiln, wedging table, vacuum system, spray booth, exhaust systems, etc. is equipment that's all designed to acheive the desired results.




I feel good when I'm down here working with my hands. I scratch my name on the bottom of each piece when it's finished. I find some comfort in thinking that these pieces of me might endure long after I'm gone.

I have just a few helpers.
They head up the stress relief department. Couldn't make it without them.

Please be kind to animals.


I currently single fire to cone 10 in reduction. (tech talk for putting the raw glazed pots in the kiln and getting them hot, about 2400F) It'll take from 16-18 hours to get there and about a day and a half to cool.

Here are some results