A note to those interested in purchasing my work...


I don't mass produce anything.
Most everything pictured on these pages is

"one of a kind"


"one at a time"

It's a slow process.

I do repeat a select few designs but as you might expect, there will be some differences.

All the work shown here has been sold except for the images pictured
on the recent works page.
And even some of them may have found homes by now.
But that doesn't mean
that I don't have some work for sale. I can notify you
when a new load has been fired.

First come... first served.

Of course the best thing to do is to stop by the studio for a visit.

If you are interested in what I might have available or just want to
discuss the possibilities, all you have to do is ask. I'll try to figure out
(with your help)
what it is you would like.